Bhim Nation Or Shatta Movement And Your Business

Bhim Nation Or Shatta Movement And Your Business

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You might be wondering…

Bhim nation? Shatta Movement?

What has that got to do with me on staying Arisen or exploding my business growth?

Short answer: It has everything to do with it!

I have been obsessed about looking for patterns that lead to success in our endeavors and there’s this framework that seem to work across board whether you’re starting a business or not…

I opened my online shop in 2017 and I borrowed money from friends and family to stay afloat but it didn’t work. My partner left that venture because it wasn’t profitable and it make no sense economically to continue.

But, I didn’t!

I was hung on the fact that, I see people selling the exact same thing I was selling but I was making GHS0.00 while my competitors were making a truck-load of cash. 

I must admit, that tapped my ego a little bit and I started wondering if I was born to fail every time…

Then, I realized a huge part of the reason of my failure and it changed everything for me. It has everything to do with what these really successful musicians have done over the past years to grow and be better!

If you want to learn step 0 of turning an idea into cash in any economy even if you don’t have money or the network… and it works even if don’t know what you’re doing…

Then, head over to to sign up for this one-time only masterclass coming off on the 1st of July, 2019.

Listen to this week’s episode here and as always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

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