Economy Or First Class

Economy Or First Class

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If you listen to most motivational speakers, what they usually say is, “Success leaves clues”, right?

So if you want to achieve success, find someone who’s been there before and see what they’ve done and model them. If there’s one industry that has been very successful, it’s the airline industry.

They’ve been super successful in raking in monstrous revenue numbers because of one thing; second tier offers!

The first time I ever took a flight, all I kept thinking about was, how much luxury the first class/business class people were experiencing. I couldn’t even enjoy my time because not only was I uncomfortable of the swings and the nauseous feeling I was experiencing, but also, the fact that, I felt cheated…

But the lesson here is very simple. If you don’t have a second tier offer for your products and services or in your company, then you’re in trouble

Your competition are going to dominate and leave you begging for the remainders. 

Find out on this episode on the on what you should do now to immensely skyrocket your profit numbers through the roof without creating new products. 

And as always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!!!

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