Entrepreneur & CEO, Any Difference With Samuel Ofoe Dotse

Entrepreneur & CEO, Any Difference With Samuel Ofoe Dotse

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I’ve had people argue over this topic and for a long time, I’ve been a spectator around this argument but today, we end this!

Most people get caught up in assigning titles and roles to themselves and most often than not, it sets them to outright failure. This might sound shocking to you and you may be asking…

“How does missing the roles of an entrepreneur or CEO set me to failure?”

Have you ever heard this before, “A CEO reads one book a week…?”

Now, most people who are supposed to be entrepreneurs and acting as CEOs and getting caught up in a learning loop where they keep on reading new materials because they’ve been told to read one book a day. 

As an entrepreneur, aka – the creative genius of a product or service, getting stuck in a learning loop doesn’t only paralyze you but counters your speed to getting your thing out. 

There’s a time when an entrepreneur is supposed to switch roles into a CEO and knowing this could set you up to massive success. 

I go very deep and share what the roles are and when to make those transitions in your business. Don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

You can listen to this episode here: arisenglobal.com/podcast

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