How I Handle Rejection With Samuel Ofoe Dotse

How I Handle Rejection With Samuel Ofoe Dotse

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If you’ve been trying to live an Arisen life, you should probably have encountered several rejections along the path, right?

Couple months ago, I had plans on organizing an event and having Albert Ocran (Co-founder of Springboard) as a keynote speaker. If you know him, you know how busy he is and how difficult it is to reach him. Fortunately, we had someone who was willing to make us a referral to him.

I had to meet this person over at a restaurant in Accra and I was trying to convince him on why he needed to do that introduction for us – it was going all nice and smoothly until he mentioned about my certification as an individual. I thought that was necessary so I brought all important document to verify how I legit I was and what he said next just broke my heart…

“Albert is a serious man and I’ve seen your documents but you don’t have someone of relevance and competence on your board of directors team…”

I was shocked that was his final conclusion after 10 mins of talking. I did have a lawyer, an accountant, and a banker on the Arisen team but he probably wasn’t satisfied with those!

I wasn’t angry but disappointed at what was going on.

  • Did this person reject me on the opportunity of reaching Albert Ocran?
  • How did I deal with this rejection?
  • And is there any difference between rejection and objection?

You’re going to find out on this week’s episode as I share what to do in times of rejection and objection in your business, life, or career.

Enjoy, and as always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

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