If I Were To Be An Indomie Seller

If I Were To Be An Indomie Seller

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Can you imagine my table on the streets of Michel Camp, Tema with my cooking groove on frying indomie and eggs for customers?

That would be very funny, huh?

If you know me so well, you’ll know I’m a geek at turning ideas into a profitable business. I analyze businesses for a hobby and I obsess about startups and how people should rather run their businesses. (I know, I’m a geek. Proudly!)

An indomie seller just opened right behind my house and I just couldn’t help my naughty, nosy brain to think through what she should do in her business to skyrocket her success. 

So all I did was to put myself in the shoes (this case, long colored socks and slippers) of this indomie seller and imagine what I’d do if I were her.

And then this happened!

I realized what I’d do in her business would be the exact same formula if I were to build a software business or in information-based business or any form of business.

In this episode, find out what I’d do instead and how you can deploy this formula in your business. 

As always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

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