Make More, Give More!

Make More, Give More!

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“She sent me $2000 three weeks after I had gave over GHS 500 away to people who needed it the most…”

We all have heard the quote before, “the more you give, the more you get…”

It sounds so cliche that, it has lost its power and magnitude. But what if I tell you that the secret to the world richest men and women on planet is that, they are huge givers?

Think Bill Gates (Billions of dollars expended on humanitarian purposes)

Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Ma, Tony Robbins and the list goes on and on…

They deploy the same strategy in their business, relationship and their day-to-day activities. They know it works!

A completely random woman I didn’t know personally gave me $2000 worth of contract to work with her 3 weeks after I and my partner (at the time) decided to give our hearts out to those who needed it the most couple months ago.

We organized a boot-camp which cost us quite a bit of money and the rewards were simply amazing. I thought I had the return on investment from the fulfillment of impacting in those lives. But NO! 

In this week’s episode, I share the concept of “Make More, Give More” on the Arisen Podcast in the hopes of revealing what these money-siphoning gurus you know today are doing ethically to attract money to their wallet and purses and how to do same starting from today

As always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

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