Tales Of Entrepreneurship with Ekow Mensah

Tales Of Entrepreneurship with Ekow Mensah

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You Have Been Lied To About Entrepreneurship…!!

If you’ve ever had the thought of starting your own business or being an entrepreneur, there are huge chances you have been deceived about what goes into it. 

Most people look to go into the world of entrepreneurship with the mindset of living life on their terms, or not reporting to a boss, or having their own schedule or making lots of money.

While those could be amazing in their right, people almost never talk about the ugly sides nobody wants to hear – simple because it isn’t inspirational and often times discouraging.

But what if you know all these not-shared-enough missteps way ahead of time so you can fortress yourself against them? Would it be worth the try?

In this week’s episode, I’m jamming with Ekow Mensah who’s a Ghanaian entrepreneur with over a decade worth of experience in this game and he’s going share the tales of entrepreneurship – the good, the bad, and the ugly

You’re also going to find out why he likes women and why you should care if you’re a woman

As always, don’t forget to stay Arisen! 

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