The Dream-Killing Habit You Should Be Aware Of

The Dream-Killing Habit You Should Be Aware Of

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I have been obsessed with studying what high performers do differently from the masses…

From Muhammad Ali to Barack Obama, from Jay Z to Aliko Dangote – and I’ve found the reason they’re super successful in their own right and how lots of us seek insight and knowledge from them, is because they mastered how to stay very far away from THIS one dream-killing habit.

In my opinion, I do think every human being has that habit. But the question we should be asking is, “How did these high-achievers kill this habit before it killed them?”

…but, you can only kill something if you know what it is, right?

In our highly religious setting in Ghana today, most people almost always associate anything that kills people’s dreams to a spiritual origin. As much as sometimes could be a reason for someone retrogression in life, there’s a huge habit every human has regardless of your beliefs.

That’s why you see religious and non-religious people become super successful regardless of their faith or belief. What’s common is this habit they made sure was dead before it killed their dreams.

Find out what this is on this week’s episode on the Arisen podcast

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  1. its a great masterpiece, so much educative.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the kind words

  2. It is really enlightening to know that I can restart all over again and get the best out of myself. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment! Don’t forget to share to enlighten others as well

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