The Pre-Idea Checklist

The Pre-Idea Checklist

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The Pre-Idea Checklist

If you’re looking to start a business, never ever do it without this checklist?

Bold statement to make, huh? 

After consulting with several startups, successful businesses and entrepreneurs, I’ve realized between an idea that sees the daylight in the marketplace versus the one that doesn’t do so well is the research phase!

You’ve been told to do lots of critical research work before launching your idea, right?

But the big question is this…

What should you research on?

You’ve done your competitive analysis, market-product match, survey, and all that they tell you to do. But is it really enough?

Do you think those ideas that fail don’t do that?

You see, the proven and fail-proof way of conducting research is nothing you can find in most books or events. I’ve gathered a few metrics most of my successful mentors use and I shared everything inside this week’s episode on the Arisen Podcast.

Plug in to this week’s episode here and as always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!

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