What Really Happened During The Emerge Secrets Workshop

What Really Happened During The Emerge Secrets Workshop

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One guru in the space of entrepreneurship I respect a lot is John Lee Dumas with Entrepreneurs On Fire. 

Note: I have a interview schedule with him which will be going live in a few weeks.

This guy knows what he’s doing and one thing I admire a lot from him is his level of transparency. On his site, he posts how much his company makes every month for all his followers to visualize on what’s possible for them and their ventures as well. 

One thing I’m also learning to do is to hack that level of transparency and do it sparingly inside whatever we’re doing.

That’s why I’m sharing this week’s episode. I go in and talk behind-the-scenes of what happened before, during and after Emerge Secrets Workshop

I talked about what;- I’ll change if I were to do the workshop again – The hard lessons we learned – I won’t never change should we do it again.

The reason I’m sharing these behind-the-curtain outlook of how we did it is to empower you so you have a blueprint on how to pull of an event in case you also want to – (which I recommend everyone who follows Arisen Nation should!)

Full episode here

And as always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

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