World’s Richest Man Tells It All On Why Most Christians Are Broke

World’s Richest Man Tells It All On Why Most Christians Are Broke

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Would you rather have the World’s richest man in the world tell you the secrets to creating wealth?

Or would you rather have an anointed man of God pray for you in order for God to bless you?

Do prayers REALLY cut it?

What are these 6 secrets a man worth $2.1 Trillion (Yes! That is Trillion with a T)  shares that most Christians are avoiding and even some of the world’s most anointed men of God don’t seem to see it? 

Hint: These secrets are in the Bible…

In this week’s episode, I share these 6 abundant-money making secrets that are ONLY found in the greatest book of all times and how we can take advantage of them for ourselves, family and people around us.

Have a good one and as always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!

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  1. Wow, I’m so glad to come across this. It’s so informative.

    1. Gracias! Do share with others as well!

  2. am gratful for getting the opportunity to listen toand such an insightful piece , its an
    eyes opener.. keep on giving us more

    1. I’m glad it helped! Do share to get others Arisen!

  3. Very very informative. Thank you

    1. Informative indeed! Lots of Christians need this information

  4. Looking beyoud the distraction. Very very informative. Thank you

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