You Need More Strangers In Your Business

You Need More Strangers In Your Business

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Did you know the more strangers you have in your business, the more successful you may be in your business?

Let that sink in deep…

When I first got started in business, all I did was to engage my friends, family, acquaintances to support me and buy my stuff because I thought that was the best way to make money in business

To my surprise, they didn’t give a crap of what I was selling. 

It felt as if I sacked all my friends away from me for starting a business. It was tough!

But I was so determined to find answers to why I was struggling. Then I had one life-altering aha-moment which changed everything for me. I least expected it to be the reason I was struggling.

In this week’s episode on the Arisen Podcast, I discuss what you should do when you start your business and how you should relate with friends, family and strangers so you can maximize profits and make your experience worthwile

As always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!!!

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