Your Moral Obligation With Samuel Ofoe Dotse

Your Moral Obligation With Samuel Ofoe Dotse

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I want to ask you this question…
“Why are you NOT talking about what you do?”

  • Some people will find this question unimportant…
  • Others will find it challenging…
  • And some will feel uncomfortable about so they’ll avoid it…

Now, your reaction to this question typically would tell you where you currently are in your relevance cycle as a human being – Do you have something that people will benefit from?

If you feel uncomfortable thinking about it, it’s a good thing because one of my clients went through the exact same thing.

She had a powerful, literally, life-altering intervention with what she does but she wasn’t talking about it.Nobody knew what she could do and that pisses me off on my levels.
With my help, she overcame her fears and turned her worries into a moral obligation she owed to the society, mankind, and God. 

I believe in you as well and I know you have a message, story, product, service, idea that NEEDS to be out there. So this week’s episode goes into how to fix that mindset problem to your advantage so people can benefit from what you do and who you are.

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As always, don’t forget to stay Arisen!!!!

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